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Fantastic ombré makeup trend
March 29, 2016, 2:35 pm

The beauty of makeup is that trends and looks are constantly evolving and challenging women to step outside of our comfort zone. The latest trend to captivate the interest of women is ombré makeup. The word “Ombre” is French and basically means shading or graduation. It refers to the graduation of color from darker to lighter. Creating Ombre eyes or lips is the easiest and most effective way to introduce an exciting effect into your makeup look. From ombré lips, to eyes and cheeks, find out why this blurred look is all the rage these days.

Two shades are better than one: The basis of ombré makeup is to create a one multi-dimensional look around two different colors. Whether it is on your lips, eyes or cheeks, layered makeup has a way of kicking your look up a notch or two. Ombré makeup is definitely a bold move, so it is a great option for an event where you want to be seen and remembered.

You look like a makeup pro: Ombré finishes deliver a blurred color transition that looks incredibly high-end and complex, even if it took less than a minute to apply. For example, an ombré blush is designed to deliver a subtle color transition that gives your cheeks a natural-yet-perfect flush.  So all that blending and buffing you put your cheeks through might finally come to an end.

It enhances your natural features:  Believe it or not, ombré makeup (particularly in the lip department) can help enhance your features. It is like you are contouring with rainbow-colored tones instead of neutral ones. When working with the lips, try an ombré look that combines a deeper shade on the outer portion of the mouth with a lighter shade on the inside. This will accentuate your lip shape and make your pout appear larger and fuller. Her is how you do it:

Step 1: Line your lips with a thick application of your darker lip shade (extend past the outer borders just a bit for super-full pout) and color in the inner corners of the mouth.

Step 2: Fill in the middle of your top and bottom lips with your lighter lip color.

Step 3: Blot a few times until the color transition from dark to light is seamless.

If you are not sure what lip colors to put together, get a product that does the color matching for you.

Creates an artistic flair for your eyes: Contrasting colors on the lids makes for subtle drama and a fantastic vibrant effect. Moreover, two tones can enhance your lids in a way a single color can’t. For example, a copper eyeshadow brightens your eyes while a deep plum elongates them. Learn to master the two tone eye makeup technique to ensure your overall look is flawless with your eyes the center of beauty.



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