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Fankaar Arts performs for Rajasthan Darpan Association
March 26, 2014, 2:41 pm

Theater group Fankaar Arts presented their hit play 'Le Chal' at the Rajasthan Darpan Associations 5th year celebration show on 8 March 2014 at the Indian Embassy Auditorium. H.E. Shri Sunil Jain, The Ambassador of India to Kuwait graced the occasion as Chief Guest alongwith senior officials from the Indian Embassy.

The show started with performances by famous bollywood impersonators like Jr. Rajesh Khanna, Jr. Amitabh Bachchan and Jr. Salman Khan who were already in Kuwait to perform a day earlier at the India Bangladesh Cultural Show organized by Raz Kamal Association at Abbasiya Touristic Park. These visiting artists mesmerized audiences with their looks, dance style and dialogue delivery imitating the great actors with finesse.

This was followed by a few patriotic songs sung by Milli Mishra, Prabha, Yusuf Misri, Judy Periera and Waseem. Later, much awaited Fankaar Arts Play 'Le Chal' written and directed by Arif Kazi took stage.

The short comedy play with a social message at the end was very well appreciated by the audiences. Director Arif Kazi who also acted in the play along with local actors Naeem Chaugule, ShahJahan Jaffery, Anwar Kadri, George Dsouza, Caroline Johnson, Farook Kasim, Nabeel Chogle, Vijaya Nair, Sana Hayat, Dev Kumhar, Amena Japanwala, Saima Ahmed and Ahmed Kazi presented a hilariously entertaining act. 

After the play, the singers performed a few more songs before all the artists of the evening were awarded a memento each as a token of appreciation by RDA President Dhanpal Panchal who concluded the evening with the vote of thanks. Fankaar Arts performed at the Indian Embassy after 11 years since it was closed by Embassy authorities and recently reopened.   

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