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Fancy dress competition in the Bhavan’s Kindergartens
December 8, 2015, 1:15 pm

Bhavans Kuwait conducted a fancy dress competition for its Kindergarten wing. The theme given to the Pre KG students was 'Flowers or Birds', to the Lower kindergarten children was 'famous characters from popular stories and fairy tales' and to the upper kindergarten children was 'Things we use in daily life'. The fancy dress competition was fascinating and witnessed maximum participation from all sections of the kindergarten.

The children came dressed in various innovative costumes to adhere to the carefully selected themes. The competition was conducted to inculcate learning and awareness in a funny manner.

The tiny tots of Pre KG dressed as pretty flowers or birds proved that they were not lesser than anyone. They spoke about the costume confidently and won applause. 

The junior kindergartners came dressed as characters from their favorite classic and fairytale stories and spoke with great confidence about the characters they portrayed. It was a great opportunity for them to build their imagination and assume different characters from famous stories. They showcased characters like ‘the red riding hood, snow white, the charming prince, Aladdin, the gingerbread man, Tin man, peter pan Cinderella, Rapunzel and more.

The senior kindergarten children displayed costumes of objects used in their daily life. Flamboyantly attired children paraded on stage, and spoke confidently about the objects they represented. Costumes depicting objects like Dettol, slippers, washing machine, toothbrush, dustbin, clock, refrigerator etc. were displayed as a part of the competition.

Parents turned up in large numbers to view, cheer and support their children, making the event a huge success. The event highlighted the imagination, interests, creativity and efforts of the parents for their little ones.

The contestants were judged on the basis of their confidence, style of presentation and costume.

Fancy dress competitions are one of the many competitions held annually by the IES kindergarten wing to build a strong foundation and encourage the students to develop their talents and public speaking skills. It was a fun learning experience for the children. A special word of appreciation goes out to the parents and teachers for the success of the event and accomplishment of their young ones.

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