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Fancy dress competition at Bhavans Jack and Jill, Mangaf
December 17, 2014, 1:00 pm

Fancy dress competition is one of the most fun events in the school calendar. This is perhaps the most engaging program that is immensely popular among children and their parents. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see the tiny tots dressed up in colorful costumes emulating their role models and prancing around to capture the attention and awe of the spectators.

Bhavans Jack and Jill, Mangaf organized a fantastic Fancy Dress competition for students from the UKG and LKG classes last week.                    

The UKG Children portrayed many characters such as Swamy Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Rakesh Sharma, Tipu Sultan, Akbar, Maharana Prathap, Shivaji, Rani Lakshmi Bhai, Charlie Chaplin and so on. Many glorious historical characters came alive on stage. They were brought back to life by enthusiastic children of UKG.

The  Lower kindergarten children disguised themselves as fruits and vegetables such as apple, orange, green peas, carrot ; wild animals like tiger, elephant, cow, birds like peacock, parrot etc. The children also described the characters in a few sentences. Their presentation was judged on the basis of the participants’ confidence level, creativity and presentation.The judgment panel consisted of teachers and parents randomly selected by the management.

The amazing number of participants and the combined hard work of the children, teachers, and parents were nothing but a testimony to Jack and Jill Mangaf’s commitment to providing a multi-dimensional child centered education to the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow.

Rathi Ravindran, the principal of J and J, Mangaf, extolled the participants for their verve and veracity. She expressed her gratitude to the parent community for their whole-hearted encouragement and support. She also lauded the teachers for instilling confidence and courage in the children.

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