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Famous Bollywood singers headline IIT-IIM's musical extravaganza
June 6, 2016, 3:15 pm

IIT-IIM Alumni Association, Kuwait, in association with the Indian Embassy organized a grand musical evening titled ‘The Sound of Music’ at the Indian Embassy Auditorium on Friday, 27 May. The audience were comprised of their sponsors, friends and guests from the Indian Embassy, Chartered Accountants Association and Indian Business and Professional Council, Kuwait. The stars of this grand musical extravaganza were two popular Bollywood Singers Shrikant Narayan and Nirupama Dey, who enthralled the audience with a mellifluous set of Hindi songs, with Anand Kapadia on backup.

The event began with Bhushan Joshi, welcoming and outlining the program of a nostalgic journey filled with the sweet tunes of musical legends. He presented a brief introduction of the two Bollywood singing stars of the evening, Shrikant popularly known as ‘The voice of Rafi’ and a Limca book of record holder for non-stop singing of Rafiji songs and Nirupama Dey, a Zee ‘Sare-Ga-Ma-Pa’ contest finalist and their accompanying musicians Sanjay Marathe and Vinayak Mangde from India along with local tabla and dholak players. He also introduced Anand Kapadia, the General Secretary of IPBC, who is well known for his melodious voice among the talented singers in Kuwait.  

Peeyush Jain, the President of IIT-IIM Association welcomed the chief guest, K.K.Pahel, First Secretary of the Indian Embassy, followed by all the sponsors, dignitaries, guests and members. Mr. Jain said that the IITs and IIMs are the prime institutions of India which have their own place, reputation, value and name in the field of education not just in India but globally as well. He equated the venerable great stalwarts of the nation in the field of music like S D Burman, Naushad, Majrooh Sultanpuri, R.D.Burman, Lata Mangeskar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Hemant Kumar and others, who composed or sang finest and best evergreen songs to IITs & IIMs of music industry, as these personalities were great institutions in themselves - Indian Institute of Musical Greats. He said through this ‘Sound of Music’ event they have tried to bring alive some of their musical rhapsody, which everyone will surely enjoy.

The Chief Guest Mr. K. K. Pahel, thanked the Association and congratulated them in organizing this event. He addressed the gathering and extolled the service rendered by IITians and IIMites, and valued the reputation they have built globally. He urged them to take time off their rigors of work and spend some time enjoying themselves with other activities as well as serve the society and the less privileged fellow citizens, especially in Kuwait.

Once the stars of the event Shrikant and Nirupama took the stage, the audience was treated to the best of melodious music from the yesteryears of Hindi cinema for over three hours. Shrikant, who keeps alive the voice of immortal Rafiji in this present era, lived up to his reputation. Ms. Nirupama sweetly sang beautiful numbers. Both singers rendered some lovely popular duets also. The crowd was captivated and showed appreciation for the singers through applause and group singing. Both the artistes had a knack for holding the audience’s attention by constantly interacting with them. Mr. Anand too sang lovely numbers of Mukesh.

The event ended with a beautiful popular chorus number ‘Ramaiah Vastavayya’, and though the audience called for ‘dil mage more’, the request could not be obliged. The singers sang with the utmost enthusiasm, touching the audience’s hearts by pouring their souls into the songs. It was an outstanding performance.

This event was a great success as the large audience was thoroughly entertained.  Finally, the event ended with General Secretary of the Association Sanjay Fuller proposing the vote of thanks. He began by thanking the overseas artistes for their amazing melodious performance. He thanked H.E. Sunil Jain, Ambassador of India to Kuwait, Mr. K.K. Pahel, the Embassy Staff, Main Event Partner, M/s KGL and other sponsors – M/s Essar Projects, M/s Gromore, M/s Orange Communications, M/s Transcrate, and M/s Taal.

Last but not the least he reserved a special appreciation for Mr. Anand Kapadia for his great support as well as for his melodious performance of beautiful poignant Mukesh songs. He thanked his fellow core committee members and the members for their supportive efforts in making this program a grand success. The attendees of the event were treated to a sumptuous dinner from M/s Taal.

Mr. Vishwanath Pichumoney, Deputy CFO of M/s KGL, our Event Partner, gave a valuable message to all those present urging them to pursue not just wealth but to balance it with cultivated talent in pursuit of arts, sports, knowledge as these qualities and assets keep us happy, satisfied and refresh the mind, body and souls.

Earlier during the interval, the President, Mr. Peeyush Jain, felicitated the artistes and sponsors. He also presented them mementos as a token of appreciation.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) are globally renowned premier Indian institutions of higher education in the fields of Engineering Technology and Management, respectively. The association can be reached at or the official website

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