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Family visas for Parents and Siblings stands suspended
March 24, 2018, 8:21 am

Major General Marafie explained that the decision to suspend issuance of family visas for parents and siblings is still valid.

No expatriates are excluded from the decision. Family visas will currently be issued only for wives and children, as per the ministerial decision.

He denied any intention to allow issuance of family visas for parents and siblings, affirming that all departments in all six governorates of Kuwait have been notified about this decision.

Major General Marafie disclosed that directives have been issued to help Syrian violators of residency law by renewing their residencies immediately.

He explained that the Syrians, who entered Kuwait on family visas and then ended up violating the residency laws, will be given temporary residency for three months which can be renewed until the situation in Syria stabilizes or until the issuance of sovereign directives in this regard.

The department will continue to issue family visas for Syrian residents but based on sovereign directives.

He insisted that the department does not exercise veto against any specific nationalities, stressing that visit visas of all kinds are available for all residents based on the relevant organizing regulations and with the approval of the supreme leadership.

Source: Arab Times

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