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False allegation against the safety of Lipton tea bags in social media
August 28, 2014, 3:19 pm

Unilever would like to inform consumers that in the last few weeks, videos defamatory to the Lipton brand have been circulating in different social media channels in the Middle East. These videos falsely show the existence of foreign bodies in the shape of a medical tablet inside a Lipton tea bag.

In response to these videos, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has conducted an investigation, including a physical examination, and issued a statement on 17 August 2014 confirming the lack of any impurities/foreign bodies in Lipton tea bags. Kindly note that the above issue is also currently being investigated by the authorities in Saudi Arabia.

As the leading tea brand in the region, Unilever invests heavily into their quality and production processes to ensure they deliver the best product to their consumers. The Lipton Jebel Ali Factory, which supplies tea to the region, is Unilever’s second largest tea manufacturing plant in the world. The factory utilizes state-of-art machinery, and employs rigorous quality control processes and standards. It has received a number of certifications and international recognition for its quality standards and consumer safety. 

The factory has also been the recipient of the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MRM) Business Award, not once, but twice (2008 and 2014) for its performance and operations. It is thus with great confidence that Unilever can state that it is impossible for a foreign body of any nature to enter a Lipton tea bag during production.

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