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Fake leaner legs
October 6, 2016, 2:15 pm

Regardless if you were genetically blessed in the leg department or not, most women have a strong preference for long elegant legs.  And like faking a thinner waist, it is possible to look as if you resemble a runway model by choosing your clothing wisely. You can change the perception of how people see the whole of you with just a few alternations to your clothing choices. For those who want to show off model-like legs, here are some tips to streamline your lower half.

Show a little skin:  A cropped pair of jeans and a bootie that hits below the ankle will do wonders for your legs. The cut of a bootie can make or break the illusion of longer limbs so play close attention to the mouth of your shoe. A nude pair that dips right under the narrowest part of the leg but stays flush to the foot will seamlessly continue the line of your legs.

Play with proportions: To highlight the slimness of your legs, pick out oversize pieces in lieu of skin-tight minis and leggings. Think an A-line black skirt with a men's oversize button-down shirt as your go to piece. To utilize the trend fully always choose a loose or oversize top. There is nothing like a chunky sweater to make your legs look slender in comparison.

Room service:  Wide-leg pants paired with platforms can add up to 6 inches to your legs. Ideally, to get the best effect, the pants should be wide enough to completely cover the shoe. It is very important you keep the footwear hidden when trying to trick the layman eye.

High tide: There is a reason high-rise pants are back in style; they are very flattering. You should opt for high waist pants and skirts for they trick the eye and create the impression that your legs start where your waist does. By wearing clothes just above your natural waist, you appear to have longer legs.

Women who have very short legs and a long torso can attest to the lengthening ability of high-rise pants. The best choice for women with short legs, is high-waist pants that fit loose-to-baggy through the legs and nip in at the ankles, and is paired with a tucked-in top.

Shoes wisely:  When wearing skirts or dresses, choose nude shoes to blend with your skin tone. This creates an uninterrupted line on the leg which has a lengthening effect. You can also achieve a similar effect by matching the color of your shoes to your tights or trousers. Beware of calf hugging footwear and ankle straps for they are known to shorten legs.

Vertical patterns: Vertical details draw the eye up and down, resulting in an optical trick of seeing additional length. Wear bottoms with vertical patterns, piping, straight creases or vertical creases to achieve a slimming effect on the lower half of your body.  











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