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Fake an hourglass figure
March 29, 2016, 2:31 pm

With some clever styling tricks and purposeful shape-play, you can achieve that interesting curviness that all your favorite stars flaunt. While you might not be into wearing daytime silk fringe or bodycon dresses with thigh-high boots to live your life, these hourglass-achieving tips might come in handy the next time you want to accentuate (or just totally fake) a tiny waist and big hips.

Focus on your shoulders: When picking out a coat or jacket, consider that XXL lapels have a broadening effect on your shoulders, and conversely slim the appearance of your waist.

Not saying that you have to go full muppet on the sleeves, but any emphasis on your shoulders and arms will give your shoulders the impression of being wider. Look for jeweled embellishments, a tiny peaked shoulder, or even a contrast sleeve. Make sure the rest of the jacket is cut slim to your body's shape.

Belt like a pro: The wider a belt, the more corset-like look it gives you. A shiny belt will make your waist look tiny, especially if you wear it with a more voluminous blouse that can flare out below the belt and puff up on top.

Up the volume with your skirt:  A sort of birdcage-style skirt might be hard to find in stores now, but its cousins — the peplum, the paper-bag-waist skirt, and the full skirt — can provide a similar silhouette. It is possible to create the illusion of fuller hips with a flippy peplum or get into the shell-shape trend by choosing a shell-like skirt in a stiff material, with a more voluminous cut to get the appearance of a rounder shape.

If you need even more volume and can’t find the skirt to match your tastes, wear a fuller shorter skirt underneath a more structured one to give it a little lift.

Another subtle, sneaky way to give your hips the illusion of being fuller is to wear shirts with a gently scooping hemline that rises up high on the sides, and down longer in the front. Wear pants or a skirt that has a higher rise, so you're not flashing skin between the top and bottom — that ruins the effect.

Finally, any skirt with some airy texture, whether via feathers, fringe, or embellishments, will give your bottom half more of a rounded shape. So don’t be afraid to test out your feminine wild side.

Play with shades of the rainbow: Take advantage of the colorblocking trend and look for a mix of clothing that draw the curves on for you. If you break up the top half of your body with one color, keep the middle slice another shade, and wear a different one on your bottom half (talking about pants, shoes, tights — the whole shebang), this method can often give your body an hourglass shape. Keep the center band in a darker color than on top and bottom for best results.

Strategic ruching: Some smart tucking and draping at the waist gives the appearance of a smaller waist and more obvious curves, in contrast. However, when choosing your dress, just be careful that the ruching is minimal and understated to avoid giving off the untidy vibes.

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