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Face powder to ensure flawless makeup
July 30, 2013, 2:15 pm

The makeup artists who work on the red carpet circuit have a difficult task — making sure actresses have flawless makeup that stays in place all day and night. To achieve this minor miracle they rely on setting powder. Even a minimal amount of powder will set your makeup, smooth your skin, and give you longer wear. However, it is not always the easiest product to apply — especially when you are already fighting off dry winter skin. Here are a few tips on daily wear, and why face powder is worth the extra step in the morning.

Always match your skin: Whether you are planning on being in harsh lighting or taking a lot of photos, your powder should always match your skin. Be careful: your powder's color can change once it has been on your skin for a few hours. If you are going to be in hot lighting or think that you may get shine, be especially wary not to go darker because the powder may oxidize on your skin and become even darker as you are wearing it. 

Avoid the outer edges of the face: Powder should be primarily applied to the center of the face; in the T-zone, on the outer corners of the nose, and to your chin and cheeks. Avoid going too far on the outer edges of the face as you still want the natural radiance of your skin to show through. Apply a highlighting product at the edges instead; most people don't get shiny around the perimeter of the face, anyway.

Boost concealer with loose powder: Use a powder to keep concealer in place all day. Make sure to always use a loose powder, not a compact, because it won't fall into line creases.

Create a natural-looking finish: Powder shouldn't look dry on your skin. To make your powder invisible, dampen a makeup sponge and pat it over the skin. This removes excess product and creates a silky finish.

Touch up with blotting papers: Instead of piling on layer after layer of powder throughout the day, control excess oil with blotting papers. Layers of powder can look cakey; oil absorbing sheets remove the grease without messing with your makeup.

Cleanliness: Face powder should be applied on a clean face, and with a clean brush or applicator. Change your brush or applicator as often as necessary so that the oil and dirt from your face doesn't get trapped in the bristles or the sponge. This can lead to clogged pores, and eventually irritation and infection. 

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