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Fabulous black staples for summer
July 16, 2017, 5:11 pm

The thought of wearing black clothes in the summer probably fills most with sweaty dread, but you might be surprised to know that it is actually better to wear them in the summer as the color absorbs heat, which is more cooling than white garments. The ease and effortlessness of wearing all black works well with the laid-back feelings of summer. Here are some tips to wear black for summer.

Wear the right fabrics: leather is pretty much a no-go. Anything too heavy or clingy is going to make you look and feel uncomfortable, so instead opt for cotton, linen in lightweight finishes, and wear them with your favourite chunky black heels. Don't be afraid to flash a bit of shoulder or leg either to really ensure that your outfit is summer-ready.

Slides and slips are the best of friends:  A cool, silky slip dress is perfect for summer, and the many styles ensure you have some great options. A black midi or maxi slip dress with a tie waist is just the thing for a low-key weekend or a stroll through the market. A slip dress with a drop waist is the epitome of summer shenanigans, or pick a LBD featuring bold trimmings like ruffles— you can have fun styling this look.

Break out your black lace: Sheer fabrics rule when the temperatures soar, and that doesn't mean black is out of the picture. Experiment with layering up lacy pieces over more feminine basics for a cool effect. Look for pieces that fuse both classic and of-the-moment aesthetics, a fashion-forward interpretation of the traditional dresses, this is how you do 21st-century lace.

Have fun with layering:  Wardrobe conundrums simply don’t exist when you have a stylish duo as simple and streamlined on standby.  Channel your inner fashionista by layering your favorite clothing together such as a black pinafore dress over a silk turtleneck for a great look. It is that easy. Perfect your roll-out-of-bed-and-go routine with a casual dress and a cool outwear like a blazer or jacket for a rocking ensemble.

Trendy tulle for chic style: Get into flouncy skirts and come-hither tops, but if you want a more laidback approach, you can do tulle like the It girls by adding cropped dark denim and a tulle t-shirt to the mix. Both casual and cutting edge, your new off-duty uniform will bring its A-game to everything.

Ankle boots are always on the menu: Suede ankle boots are an instant classic or maybe you would prefer a black bootie with a chunky heel, it is a wardrobe staple everyone should have. Also, a pair with cutout sides and buckles, gives you ankle boots good enough for every season. Even a standard black zip-up boot with a peep toe introduces a glam touch to your all black timeless style for summer.


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