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FWU brings BOKWA fitness to Kuwait
September 10, 2017, 12:18 pm

If you have considered getting into fitness, but lack the motivation or are reluctant to join a regular gym, chances are you must have met the exuberant Urvi Trehan. Based in Salmiya and founder of Fitness with Urvi (FWU), a support-group fitness initiative, Urvi brings another smashing hit routine called Bokwa, to her ever evolving, result-delivering, and super fun fitness classes.

The multi-certified trainer believes in a holistic approach to fitness. “Every person can be fit, but not everyone can be healthy,” quips the feisty Mumbaikar. Urvi is not only Bokwa’s first certified trainer in Kuwait, but also its first brand ambassador.

FWU’s membership soars during her bi-annual weight loss challenges, which are known to witness astonishing body-transformations. But Urvi stresses her objective is to encourage members to achieve and maintain balanced lifestyle involving clean eating habits and exercising.

Not one to rest on her past laurels, she regularly upgrades her own skills as a trainer and stays abreast with latest fitness trends. Her professional CV is a long narrative of certifications and affiliations, notable among them being, ZIN membership, Masala Bhangra Brand Ambassador and the recently acquired, BOKWA Ambassadorship.

Urvi trained for Bokwa under Manasi Dixit, Navin Tolani and Master Trainer Senthil Kumaran in Mumbai. She is thrilled about starting her first class this week. “Bokwa is slowly sweeping the globe and I am happy to bring it to Kuwait; not just in Salmiya, but now women residing in Mangaf can also avail of my classes,” she says.

Starting September, FWU’s expansion will witness them offering morning and evening classes at two locations, in Salmiya and in Mangaf by multiple trainers, beside Urvi.  FWU also offers yoga sessions by Dr. Prabha.


Below is a Q&A with Urvi to learn more about the concept of Bokwa fitness:

What is Bokwa Fitness?

Bokwa is a blend of hip-hop and step. It is an alphabet-centric choreography based class, where the lead instructor explains each movement in detail before you start working out. Movements are in the shape of English-language letters, for example, L, J, and C.

Once dancers have their footwork down, they can jazz it up with extra shimmies, hip bumps, or other free-styling moves. The program’s beauty is its simplicity, because each move is quite basic, dancers can get as fancy (or high-energy) or keep it basic (and low-impact), as they want. According to experts, one Bokwa workout session can help you burn around 1000 calories.

How does a Bokwa instructor differ from an ambassador?

A Bokwa Ambassador (BA) is a step below the Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer. Together, they unite to get this program to the next level. Additionally, a BA officially represents Bokwa Fitness and can conduct Bokwa Ambassador Master Classes, whereas, an instructor can only conduct regular Bokwa Fitness classes. Furthermore, a BA shoulders the responsibility to generate sign-ups to Bokwa certifications as their aim is to spread Bokwa globally.

Bokwa will be introduced to Kuwait this September. Care to elaborate on that?

Bokwa will be the main highlight of the Sweatember Fitness Challenge-Season 3 (SS3). Additionally, being a Bowka Ambassador, my mission is to spread awareness of this fitness form in Kuwait, which I am working on and would be happy to share with your readers, soon.

To join or learn more about FWU, contact Urvi Trehan at +965.55061896 or follow her on Instagram @fitnesswithurvi. 

- Shabana H. Shaikh


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