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Eyelash Extensions 101: Achieve and maintain the lashes of your dreams
May 15, 2016, 10:44 am

If you are the type of lash-obsessed girl who must load on the mascara or perfect your falsie situation before you leave the house, it may be time to consider investing in eyelash extensions. Like hair extensions, they are not for the faint of heart or the non-committal, but they are a great way to get a gorgeous lash look without the day-to-day fuss. Before you take the leap, educate yourself with this basic primer on just what to expect from your eyelash extensions.

Know what you are getting into: Collect enough information and make sure you are ready to keep up to the commitment. More important than that, make sure you see a well-trained professional with good recommendations. Also, check to ensure that the professional does only individual eyelash extensions and charges the correct market value. This is not a service that you want to get at a discounted rate. When you get to your appointment, always make sure that your technician has clean tools, uses hand sanitizer, and wears a mask and gloves.

Be aware of the potential dangers: Long, thick eyelashes are beautiful, but you may not realize that overuse of glued-on eyelash extensions and false eyelashes can lead to permanent eyelash damage. There are two primary causes of this: the artificial weight of the fake lashes, which can strain or pull on the eyelash hairs, and the removal process, which involves pulling and tugging at the lashes and can directly damage the follicles.

Determine the look you are trying to achieve: Some people prefer shorter, but with plenty of fullness, others love them long and glamorous, and some just want to achieve a natural-but-better look. Some lash experts are more skilled with one look versus the other.

Do not skimp on maintenance: Less is more when caring for your lashes. Do not over-wash your lashes, over-comb them, or over-think them. Just be conscious and try to develop good hands-off habits. It is recommended that you avoid falling asleep face down, which can crush and crimp the lashes.

Below listed are a few tips you can use to maintain your perfect lashes:

  • Avoid sleeping face down.
  • Avoid heavy liners as they might cause unsightly and unhealthy build up around the extension bases.
  • Use a lash approved clenser. It keeps your lashes clean and helps extensions to last to their full potential.
  • Do not use cotton on your lashes. Fibers like cotton balls and Qtips can create tangles.
  • Comb daily with a clean silicone or bristle wand to keep the lashes separated after being wet.
  • Do not pull, pluck, twist or fuss with the extensions and avoid using a lash curler.
  • Listen carefully to what your beautician has to say and follow accordingly.
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