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Eyeing the eyelet trends
July 25, 2017, 5:27 pm

The hot trend this summer is the cool appeal of eyelets. Beautifully punched from crisp cotton, or loosely formed from flowing knit-fabric, eyelets are the essential feature for 2017. This fabulous look can totally ring the changes with your summer wardrobe, whether it is a simple eyelet detail on a Peter Pan collar, an inset geometric panel in a tunic top, or you go the whole distance and opt for a dress with a riot of lacy holes. You may love the orderliness of a row of eyelets, or perhaps you prefer your eyelets in geometric or floral motifs. But whatever your choice, there is a clothing item to delight your heart.

This year’s must-have items are flattering culottes, long or short crop-tops, soft joggers, and shift dresses with a nod to the tennis dress. Whether you want comfortable casual wear, something for the office, or a smart dress for evening drinks, eyelets are everywhere.

Terrific tops:  A large-eyelet blouse with short sleeves looks great teamed with linen pants and strappy sandals for a casual day out, whilst a tailored top with square-cut eyelet panels on the neck and sleeves can be perfectly matched with wet-look skinny trousers and heels for a more up-market style. And the eyelet trend is not confined to cotton-style fabrics; a loose-fitting open-knit tunic over distressed denim shorts gives an alternative feel.

If you want to play up the girlie feel of summery eyelet, a corset-style top is perfectly flirty and fantastic with high-waist flares. There is also the option of an eyelet peplum tank that kills two trends with one stone — and how great does it look with leather pants? You can even pop an eyelet-inspired sweater over a hot pink or bright yellow tank for a burst of cool colorblocking.

Cool culottes:  The new emphasis on culottes adds a tailored flair to this season’s look. Culottes with an eyelet overlay looks fabulous when worn with a loose tunic top or a fancy silk blouse.

Dynamic dresses and skirts: The next time you are on the hunt for the perfect summer dress, you might want to start your search looking for a crisp option with eyelet details. These types of pretty dresses are universally flattering, and can be worn to every event you have planned this summer. Eyelet dresses are a wonderful way to emphasize your femininity. Moreover, a punchy hue and a flattering silhouette is all you really need to make a statement. Eyelets have also taken on a new color — black. The traditional eyelet has been associated with dowdiness but has since gone way of the dark side; evoking a sexier, mature look.

 If you are in the mood for a layered effect, go for skirts in modern styles, preferably with belts to emphasis the waistline. Say, in a darker, saturated blue, an eyelet pencil skirt becomes a sophisticated option for the office.

Tailored or casual, paneled inserts or full-on profusion, the eyelet trend has so many styles and variations that you are sure to find something you love this summer.

What not to do:

Pair with denim:  This is a quick way to look like an extra from an old Tv show if you are unsure of what you are doing.

Wear with white shoes: Plain white shoes are more a staple for a professional job; a pair of tan or beige shoes is far more versatile, on-trend, and will make your legs look miles long.

Pretend it is not eyelet: Women try to play off eyelet clothing as just plain cotton. They pair it with crisp button-down shirts in primary colors, knit tops with surplice necklines, fitted sweaters in candy-colored hues. Eyelet is a unique fabric, and should be treated as such. When you try to ignore the fact that it is textured and often a floral print, and a distant cousin of lace, you are setting yourself up for sartorial disaster. 

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