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Expats suffer in Jleeb & Hassawi
February 4, 2019, 10:37 am
For many years, Jleeb Al- Shuyoukh and Hassawi area has been suffering from social, security and hygiene-related issues. In this regard, a member of the Municipal Council Eng Hamoud Al-Enzi said the area suffers from lack of infrastructural development required for the large number of workers currently staying in that area, and a larger number of workers expected to come to Kuwait due to the planned major projects.

He stressed that Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh has become a place of refuge for violators of residency laws, and presents a huge challenge for the concerned ministries and Kuwait Municipality.

Another member of the Municipal Council Eng Maha Al-Baghli insisted on clearing out the area after finding an alternative place for the residents such as developed labor cities. In addition, Head of Farwaniya Committee at the Municipal Council Mohammad Al-Raqeeb affirmed that Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area has many problems including a large number of laborers who are in violation of the residency law, growing number of crimes that threaten the families residing there and in the surrounding areas. He stressed the need for immediate solutions to bring an end to the miserable conditions in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area.

Source: Al-Seyassah


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