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Expats have more licenses but less cars compared to Kuwaitis
January 7, 2019, 4:59 pm

In response to an inquiry by MP Ahmed Al-Fadhl with regards to roaming taxis and the issue of driving licenses to expats from various sectors, the Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah pointed out that Kuwaitis with registered vehicles have reached 1,039,000 in number, while there are only 616,000 registered vehicles with expats. However, Interior Minister Al-Jarrah mentioned that 1,664,000 expats hold a valid driving license, while only 624,000 licenses were issued to Kuwaitis. He also stated that 22,000 Kuwaitis and 15,000 expats saw their driving licenses revoked for committing severe traffic violations under the harsher penalties for traffic violations that went into effect last year.

Sheikh Khaled also broke down the types of licenses held by Kuwaitis and expats. He said that out of the total licenses granted to Kuwaitis, 607,000 were private licenses, 10,000 were general, 6,400 for bikes and 146 for construction machinery. Meanwhile, the driving licenses issued to expats include 909,000 general licenses, 730,000 private, 6,200 bike and 18,000 for construction machinery.

Sheikh Khaled also refuted rumors of fake learning permits being used to acquire driving licenses, and pointed out the few applications suspected of containing fake documents were referred to the relevant authorities. He also highlighted that the interior ministry and the manpower authority have their files electronically linked so as to verify an applicants’ job titles and minimum salary conditions that allow expats to attain driving licenses. He affirmed that degrees are verified through applicants’ embassies and the foreign ministry.

Finally, Sheikh Khaled added that licenses issued to expat drivers and mandoubs are cancelled following a change in professions or expiry of residencies.  He stressed that if an expat returns to Kuwait, they can file a new application for a license after two years.

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