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Expat wins KD19,000 compensation for disability in car accident
November 25, 2017, 8:22 am

The Commercial Court of First Instance ordered a Kuwaiti man and an insurance company to pay KD 19,000 in compensation to an Egyptian for injuries and disabiity he suffered during a traffic accident on a highway. The case file indicated lawyer Abdul-Mohsin Al-Qattan sued the citizen on behalf of the plaintiff for changing the lane without vigilance and ending up hitting the plaintiff’s car after which the latter veered off the road ramming into the concrete barrier.

He stressed the incident left the plaintiff with severe injuries as contained in the preliminary medical report. The court previously fined the defendant KD50 for the error and referred civil aspect of the case to the concerned court, and the counsel argued that his client is dejected and traumatic due to 43 percent disability he suffered due to the mishap. He later joined the insurance company into the case since it’s in charge of the defendant’s car and sought compensation for the damages.

Bouyabis hearing: The Criminal Court adjourned until Dec 4, 2017 the session for final submissions concerning a State Security case involving Twitter blogger Hamed Bouyabis and it also ordered continuation of his detention.

A few weeks ago, General Prosecutor Dirar Al-Asousi ordered detention of Bouyabis for 21 days in the Central Jail as he has been accused of using words deemed offensive to the entity of HH the Amir. He requested for bail on grounds that his children are studying in the United States of America so he needs to communicate with them regularly.

However, the court rejected the request although the defendant promised to respect the bail terms as he did before. The accused denied all the charges against him, stating that he had no intention to offend HH the Amir in his tweets.

Request rejected: The Civil Court has rejected the request to disqualify the Court of Appeals, headed by Judge Ali Al-Drai, from handling the State Security lawsuit on repeating statement of former MP Musallam Al-Barrak during the ‘Enough of frivolity’ march at Erada Square.

A number of former and incumbent MPs were sentenced to two years imprisonment by the Criminal Court, but execution of the sentence was suspended for three years and the accused were fined KD 2,000 each.

Those involved in the case were accused of repeating Al-Barrak’s statement which was deemed offensive to the Amir. The Public Prosecution filed the cdharge against Khalid Shukhair, Khalid Al-Shemmari, Falah Al- Sawagh, Jama’an Al-Harbash, Mubarak Al-Wa’alam, Khalid Al-Tahous, Faisal Al-Yahya, Muhammad Al-Khalifa, Abdullah Al- Barghash, Anwar Al-Fekr, Fahd Al-Zamel, Salim Al-Namlan, Nayef Al-Merdas, Zayed Al-Zaid, Ahmed Sayar, Nasser Al-Mutairi, Ayed Al- Utaibi, Khalid Al-Mutairi, Faisal Al- Musallam, Muhammad Al-Utaibi and Fahd Mater. The prosecution urged the court to impose the maximum penalty on the accusxed — five years imprisonment.

Source: Arab Times

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