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Exciting exhibitions at IES
October 27, 2015, 10:17 am

Indian Educational School (Bharatitya Vidya Bhavan Kuwait) hosted a breathtaking School Exhibition on Thursday, 22 October, 2015. The exhibition was a joint venture of the departments of English, French, Hindi, Sanskrit and Social Studies of the primary, the middle and the senior and the CBSEI  wings of Bhavans. The exhibition was formally inaugurated conjointly by the principal, T. Premkumar, vice principals, Anita Sadananda, Lalitha Premkumar, and Suresh.V. Balakrishnan amid thunderous applause.

The school exhibitions are usually confined to the traditional boundaries of scientific temper and often, the display of working models based on the principles of physical sciences. Bhavanites wanted to break the mold and they did without compromising on academics to set up an exhibition of that scale. The parents, the teachers and the students thronged the exhibition stalls embellished with novelty and uniqueness.

Spectators flocked to the French exhibition stalls to relish the French cuisine. Delicious French croissants, meringues, truffles, patties, rissoles, and mousses, proudly proclaiming the great French Le petit déjeûner tradition was indeed a gourmet’s delight. A pantomime auditorium, mime on the French revolution were other highlights, the joie de vivre of the French culture through various exhibits, sand statuettes, models of Eiffel Tower, the models reflecting the rich French aesthetics and the superior cultural heritage of France captured the hearts of the onlookers.

The English Department stole the show with character portrayal, tableaus, English ballroom dance, choral recitations, creative corner, language games, and so on. Popular characters from the English classics set the stage on fire. Hundreds of Bristol boards and models showcasing the importance of the global language, an insight into the lives and works of great authors, and the elements of drama, verse and prose were highly appreciated. The tableau – the stills from the epic classical works delighted the audience.

The stills from the great works of Victor Hugo, Thomas Campbell, Shakespeare, Jerome K Jerome and Stanley Houghton received relentless applause.  The Puppet Show staged by the primary wing amazed everyone present in the English stalls set up by the little kids of the primary wing. The puppets spoke, danced and interacted with the visitors. Another eye candy was the choral recitation by the little ones.

A trendsetter performance by the little kids – ‘An Autobiography of a Tree’ filled the onlookers’ hearts with understanding and compassion for the nearly extinct tree species of the world. Students of the CBSE-International wing proved their might and mettle with programs like ‘Be an Ace Speller’, Photo Story – the history of IES through the lens, a documentary on ‘Activity Oriented Classrooms’ and the most unique ‘Graded Literature.’ The graded literature was indeed a superb show that the kids organized with the help of the school librarian to demonstrate the grading of fiction. An English coffee shop and a video presentation on the Booker Prize Winners hosted by the seniors also won acclaims in abundance.

Hindi Exhibition stalls were agog with visitors. The high spot of the exhibition was a street play based on the theme ‘Apna Farz Nibhayen.’ The Hindi stalls also showed innumerable pictures and charts depicting the greatest writers in Hindi language. A skit based on ‘casteism’ was also well received by the audience. Primary children showed their patriotism by presenting a choral recitation and brought in the role of the Father of Nation-Mahatma Gandhi’s role in the quit India revolt.    The students of CBSE-I also displayed many an exhibit that shed light on the lives and the works of the great authors of Hindi literature.  Besides, there were also folk dance shows and poetry recitation that helped many a visitor learn about Hindi – one of the richest languages in the Indo-European language family that boasts of 200 million speakers worldwide.

Sanskrit Exhibition stall proudly presented the glorious culture of India. The character portrayals from Indian epics ‘the Mahabharata ‘and ‘the Ramayana’, the stills of the ‘Gurukula System’, valuable insights into the ancient Indian tradition, the power of Ayurveda, the demonstration of ‘Surya Namaskara and Yoga’ and the display of traditional Indian musical instruments such as ‘Veena’, Mridanga’, ‘Gada’ etc. provided valuable information on Sanskrit – the mother of all languages and the rich legacy of India. The stalls attracted quite a crowd and received ardent admiration from every visitor.

Apart from languages, the Social Studies Department also partook in the school exhibition. The Department set up various stalls with hundreds of exhibits. The visitors were awestruck by the magnitude of exhibits displayed by the department. Statuettes, figurines, working models, pictures, video shows and 3D views on the glimpses of World History and Indian History were quite laudable. The icing on the cake was perhaps the exclusive venues that portrayed the history, the culture, the languages, and the cuisine of countries like China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines and so on. The children gave a vivid description of the countries.

They answered the questions raised by the visitors quite assuredly. The stalls also provided the visitors a unique opportunity to relish the traditional as well as the modern cookery of the countries they represented. The CBSE-I students set up a planetarium that turned the classroom into an intergalactic arena. The primary wing of IES attracted the most admiration with a vivid presentation on the ‘land forms of the continents.’ An extensive virtual expedition to the fauna and flora of the seven continents of the world by the gifted kids dazzled the visitors. ‘The life styles of the people in various states of India’ was another visual feast presented by the little kids of the primary wing.

The stalls agog with laughter, hustle and bustle paved way for silence at three o’ clock in the afternoon when the bells indicating the end of an exciting school exhibition resonated the school hallways. The annual school exhibition this year was indeed the true testimony of creativity, zeal and zest that Bhavanites are known for.  The encouragement the school received through the visits of the ever-supporting parents, once again proved the trust that parents and the well-wishers have placed in IES – the school with a difference that makes a difference in the lives of its students.

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