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Exciting activities planned for 38th Anniversary of ROK-Kuwait diplomatic relations
October 10, 2017, 3:54 pm

The Korean embassy in Kuwait will commemorate the 38th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the State of Kuwait with a host of activities. A visit by the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) Cruise Training Task Group (CTTG ) will be the highlight of the celebrations. It is the first time that the Korean Navy Ships will visit Kuwait since Kuwait-Korea bilateral relations was cemented in June 1979.

With regards to the celebrations, the Republic of Korea to the State of Kuwait Ambassador H.E. Yoo Yeonchul stated, “I’m quite pleased to announce that the two Korean military ships, Destroyer Kang Gam Chan accompanied by the support military vessel Hwanchun, will visit the Shuwaikh port of Kuwait. The visit is the first of its kind in the history of Kuwait-Korea bilateral relations, and will set a new horizon of our two countries’ cooperation in the field of defense, enhancing our bilateral relations to a new level.”

“Every year, two Korean military officers have been joining the advanced command and staff course at the Mubarak Al-Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College of the State of Kuwait. Furthermore, in April this year, Brigadier General Adil  Ghanem Al-Roujaib, Commander of the Kuwait Military Police, visited the Republic of Korea to discuss ways and means for military cooperation for the first time,” he added.

Speaking on the defense exhibition to promote Korea’s cutting-edge defense technology, he said, “Taking this opportunity, it is my wish that the most advanced military technology of South Korea will be well introduced to Kuwait, which will lead to further military cooperation between our two countries. In relation to this, International Tri-Service Defense Exhibition in Kuwait will be held from 12 to 14 December this year. The Korean side will participate in this event, promoting further ways for more military cooperation between our two countries. “

Touching on the cultural performances to be part of the celebrations, he said, “I expect the event to be exciting due to the variety of performances that will be provided."

He pointed out the two special events to happen during the celebration, “A soccer match has been organized between Korean midshipmen and Kuwaiti service men to deepen the friendship among military men between our two countries. There is also a special ceremony where an award of appreciation will be handed over to Korean War Veteran, James Craigs, currently residing in Kuwait. He served the United Kingdom’s army and joined the United Nations forces from 1950 to 1951 during the Korean War. Korea will never forget his sacrifice and dedication."

He ended by reaffirming the close relationship between Kuwait and Korea, stating, “As the saying goes ‘Friendship is the only unsinkable ship’, our friendship between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Korea will be more strengthened and forever through this opportunity of the Korean Navy ships’ visit to Kuwait. “

An itinerary of the celebrations is as follows: 

The Republic of Korea Ship (ROKS) Kang Gam Chan DDH (Destroyer Drop Helicopter) and Hwacheon AOE (Auxiliary Oiler Expanded) will enter Shuwaikh port on Sunday, 15 October.  The 2017 ROK Navy Cruise Training Task Group (Commander, Rear Admiral (RDML) Yang, Yong-mo, class of 44) will visit the Shuwaikh port of Kuwait, from 15 to 18 October.

The CTTG is on a 98-day long voyage to visit 10 ports of 10 nations, which aside from Kuwait, include Vietnam (Da Nang), India (Mumbai), UAE (Abu Dhabi), Sri Lanka (Colombo), Indonesia(Surabaya), Thailand (Pattaya), Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu), United States (Guam), and Japan (Yokosuka).
The 4-day visit will witness a variety of activities with the ship opening planned for the first day.

On Sunday, 15 October, a welcome function will be hosted by the ROK Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Yoo, Yeonchul at 10:40 am, followed by a public opening of ROK ship Kang Gam Chan, and Hwacheon from 1:00 to 4:00 pm to locals and Korean citizens.

As part of activities, a defense exhibition promoting ROK's cutting-edge defense technology will take place on ROK ship Hwacheon during the ship opening day.  In the promotion exhibition, various booths will introduce the diversity of Korean culture and highlight various events to be held in Korea including the 2018 ROK Navy International Fleet Review, 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, a world-famous event hosted in Korea 30 years after the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Hallyu (films, dramas, K-pop, VR technology), the name of 'East Sea' and Dokdo, in addition to displaying the beautiful Korean tourist attractions.

During their visit, crew members and midshipmen will travel to the Grand Mosque, Kuwait Tower, Tareq Rajab Museum and various tourist destinations in Kuwait.

On the morning of Monday, 16 October, the CTTG will visit Kuwait Naval Headquarters. From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, an onboard reception will be hosted by the ROK Navy CTTG on ROK ship Kang Gam Chan's flight deck.

On the morning of Tuesday, 17 October, ROK Midshipmen will play the ROK-Kuwait soccer match against Kuwaiti servicemen. Later in the day, joint cultural performances will be held at Jaber Al Ahmad Culture Center Concert Hall on 6:00 pm. The cultural event is open to all citizens. The program will feature performances from the Korean Orchestra, the first participation of the b-boys, a Naval band, honor guards, Navy entertainment Group that include a Korean traditional quartet, magic show, singing performance, and MC, a taekwondo performance team, and midshipmen choir.

On Wednesday, 18 October, the ROK Navy CTTG will sail off to its next destination.


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