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Exception for expat teachers at Education Ministry
January 12, 2016, 9:55 am

Informed sources said the Civil Service Commission (CSC) informed the Education Ministry not to hire non-Kuwaitis except as teachers, adding that there will not be any openings for expat employees during the next school year except for teachers.

Meanwhile, CSC asked five government entities to provide it with the necessary job descriptions and employment grades for rare specialties for those registered in the central employment system among graduates of Kuwait University and foreign ones.

The sources said these areas are for the health, education, electricity and public works ministries in addition to the Environment Public Authority. He said these bodies are the ones most benefiting from rare specialties such as physics, biology and engineering. He added that the number of holders of such specialties has reached record levels over the wait period for employment, nearly 1.5 years, which did not occur previously.

Source:  Al-Qabas

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