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Ex Indian school teacher passed away in India
February 23, 2015, 3:09 pm

Ex Teacher at Bhavans Kuwait Ms. T. M Latha passed away in India today morning. She was working as a teacher at Bhavans Kuwait till last December 2014 and left to India.

Management, staff and students of Bhavan’s Kuwait, in a statement expressed their heartfelt condolence on the news of their primary teacher Ms. Latha’s passing.

“Ms.Latha was an outstanding teacher who worked with us for nearly five years. She made quite an impact on the minds of her colleagues and students alike with her exuberance, passion for her job and love for her fellow humans. She taught grade one and two children and she poured her heart and soul into her work to give each student a wonderful experience in her class room. She always worked on the potential of greatness every student has within to make their future. Kindness was always the golden rule she followed.

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on.

We, the members of the Bhavan’s family believes that our teacher Latha lives on, in the kindness she has shared and the love she brought into the lives of the little children she adored and looked after, Bhavans management said in a statement.


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