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Ethiopian domestic worker returns home, safe
August 27, 2017, 11:01 am

The Ethiopian domestic worker, who made headlines after a video surfaced of her begging for help while hanging off a window ledge, has been returned home safe and sound after almost losing her life few months ago in Sabah Al-Salem, reports Al-Rai daily. The story of an Ethiopian domestic worker seen in a horrifying video that went viral last May as she fell from the seventh floor of an apartment building in Sabah Al-Salem area. The issue had received wide media coverage after the employer posted the video clip on social media.

After months of medical and natural therapy, she fullly recovered and traveled back home recently. Her waiting family received her with tears of joy upon arrival at the Addis Ababa Airport.

In a statement to the Ethiopian media, the former domestic worker explained she was not trying to commit suicide but to escape the cruel treatment of her lady employer.

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