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Estia Mas Greek Restaurant
July 16, 2018, 3:43 pm

Savor the flavors of authentic Cretan dishes that are filled with the freshest ingredients bought together from homemade recipes. Check out their daily dishes and specials if you crave the taste of Greek food that is unique and savory. Their specialties range from delicious linguine pasta to Cretan Kofta served with fresh fried potatoes and green salad. Your taste buds will also be stimulated by their innovative take on meat such as their Lamb shank recipe. Even their dessert demands attention say the very original Bougatsa. This place should be your number one choice for satisfying Greek food.

Popular dish: The Cretan traditional lamb made of lamb in yogurt sauce served with white rice

Location:  Located at Crystal Tower M floor. Call: +965 97752214

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