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Erdoğan delivers victory speech following election win
June 25, 2018, 4:50 pm

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has addressed thousands of supporters in Ankara after being declared the victor in Turkey’s presidential election, saying democracy was the winner and that Turkey was “an example for the rest of the world”. The following is the speech in the entirety. 

“We have fought all together agaınst vandals and traıtors”

Saying that they fought against vandals and traitors all together with the Turkish people, President Erdoğan stressed that they gave, again with the Turkish people, a lesson to those who waited for Turkey to get down on its knees. “We have saved together our country, our flag, our adhan, our freedom, our honor from the clutch of the putschists,” added President Erdoğan.

“The wınner of the electıon ıs democracy and the natıonal wıll”

“The winner of this election is democracy, the national will. The winner of this election is each and every one of our 81 million citizens. I thank all the citizens who went to the polls and joined this democracy festival in the elections that saw the highest voter turnout in the Turkish political history,” President Erdoğan said, further stressing that elections in many other countries, particularly in developed countries, are held with voter turnouts that don’t even reach half of the turnouts achieved in Turkey. 

“Our people have clung to theır ındependence and future”

“Our people who yesterday stopped with their bare hands the tanks, cannons, planes, helicopters and arms of the putschists have today clung in the same way to their independence and future,” President Erdoğan stated.

Stressing that they have received the message the people have given at the polls, President Erdoğan said they will start working tomorrow to fulfill the promises they made to the people. Saying that they will review the work on the presidential system of government and put it into practice, President Erdoğan said: “Following the swearing-in ceremony, we will begin to put our program into practice by determining the ministers and bureaucrats. We will work day and night with the awareness that Turkey does not have a single moment to lose.”

“The wınner ıs all the oppressed ın the world”

“The winner of this election is democracy; the politics of serving. The winner is the superiority of the national will. The winner is Turkey and the Turkish nation. The winner is all the oppressed in our region and across the world,” President Erdoğan stressed, adding: “We will work harder to be worthy of your affection. We will shed more sweat to be able to duly respond to your trust. We will endeavor more to make the best of your support. We will achieve together our goals for 2023 with the power you have granted us.”

“We wıll elevate our country’s Internatıonal prestıge to much hıgher levels”

Underlining that Turkey will continue its fight against terrorist organizations in a much more resolute manner, President Erdoğan said: “We will elevate our country’s international prestige to much higher levels.”

“Turkey made a choice in favor of democracy, in favor of upholding the rights and freedoms and continuing with the reforms,” President Erdoğan highlighted, adding: “Turkey made a choice in favor of growth, development, progress, investment, enrichment and of becoming a country that has prestige and influence in every area in the world. Turkey made a choice in favor of its goals for 2023 and visions for 2053 and 2071. Turkey made a choice in favor of resolutely fighting all the terrorist organizations ranging from the PKK to the FETO.”

“I hope the electıon results wıll lead to auspıcıous outcomes for our democracy, country and natıon” 

Describing the election results as a manifestation of their will to continue with their efforts for the liberation of Syrian lands and for enabling the safe return to their homes of the Syrians currently living in Turkey,” President Erdoğan said: “These results also show that Turkey will continue to hold the hand of all the oppressed and victims wherever they are across the world. These results show that Turkey will continue to stand against terrorist organizations that have evil designs on our country and against global interest groups. These results show that we are now one step closer to our democratic and economic goals. Our nation has given with these results so different messages to so many centers that all the political scientists of the world would have difficulty solving them even if they came together and analyzed them for years.”  

Further stressing that he is proud of being a member and a child of the Turkish nation, President Erdoğan once more thanked the citizens and added: “I hope the election results will lead to auspicious outcomes for our democracy, country and nation” 

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