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Emirgan Sutis
October 25, 2015, 1:20 pm

A mix of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan traditions, Turkish food is healthy, fresh and has a great taste. Get a taste of Turkish cuisine in Kuwait at the Emirgan Sutis.

It is for a good reason that the Sutis boasts one of the best breakfasts in Kuwait, their water Heurek is a delightfully light dish of phyllo dough soaked in water, stuffed with white cheese before baking. You can watch the chefs prepare this breakfast through the open kitchen of the Sutis. Eggs are cooked and served, with vegetables, meat or just sunny side up, on traditional copper saucepans. If you are looking for a real treat, try their most popular dish, Kaymak, a whipped water buffalo based cream served on a bed of honey with either freshly baked simit or pita bread.

For something a little heartier, the lunch and dinner menus offer a wide range of dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate. The Iskender Doner is juicy doner soaked in a tomato based sauce, or you can choose to go light with the Pilaf with doner, where the meat flavor is perfect without sauce. Or you can opt for one of the meats from veal steak to fillet mignon, marinated to perfection and served with your choice of vegetable sides or rice.

Do not forget to leave room for the signature Turkish dessert, Tavuk gogsu or chicken breast pudding. Before you grimace and swear you will not try it, know that this was a phenomenal dish was once served to the sultans in the Ottaman Topkap palace. White meat is shredded into thin pieces mixed in with milk, rice and thickeners, then flavored with sugar and cinnamon and finally wrapped in a browned, slightly crisp layer giving you a surprisingly delightful and refreshing end to your meal.

The Sutis menu seems simple enough, but the taste narrates a much more complex tale of freshness and love for the food the chefs are preparing. They keep their tastes excellent with a team that comprises mostly Turkish staff. From the head chef to the servers on the floor, every employee of Emirgan Sutis knows the cuisine, and grew up loving the traditional flavors of the country. The chefs are award-winners in their areas of expertise and take great care to prepare every dish served at the restaurant. The central kitchen begins at 4am to ensure that every morsel from bread to meat is fresh and healthy.

Authentic ingredients mainly sourced from Turkey and created by chefs who have a very personal connection with food they prepare, and the country it comes from, makes Emirgan Sutis one of the best places to try Turkish cuisine in Kuwait.


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