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Emirates airline losing customer approval
October 24, 2015, 4:23 pm

“There is one guiding principle shared by all at Emirates: never do anything to compromise the quality of the customer experience.” And back in 2013, after SkyTrax – the international airline and airport review and ranking site – awarded Emirates the #1 spot at the World Airline Awards, it seemed to ring true.

Since then, however, the airline has appeared to have gone into a free fall. In just 12 months, Emirates plunged three places to fourth spot in 2014, falling again this year to fifth place, below Turkish Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways, in fourth to first place respectively. With complaints regarding poor service and unprofessional dealings of passengers surfacing, ‘compromising quality’ is exactly what the airline has done, with both economy class and business class passengers feeling let down.

Despite several emails and calls, Emirates airline has failed to respond to these claims. Instead, an Emirates spokesperson stated to Kippreport that “The last few years have been among the most demanding in the history of our industry but despite the challenges, Emirates has kept its focus on delivering the very highest standards of product, passenger comfort and operational efficiency.”

The spokesperson continues: “Emirates has invested in, and introduced many product innovations to the air travel experience, spurring a more competitive landscape across the board. For instance, Emirates was the first to introduce private suites in First Class, a feature which many travellers and airlines today now regard as the new standard. Such competition will always benefit the consumer.”

Going along with exactly what has been previously said; Emirates airline no longer wants to comment on their so called ‘high level’ of customer satisfaction. They would rather change the subject and discuss how they have introduced numerous innovations in its travel experience, adding to the competitive landscape of the industry.

Recent comments from the airline’s customers only add weight to the fact that the company’s repeated claims regarding the importance of customer satisfaction are exactly that – only claims. The reality is different. There are numerous sites and Facebook pages dedicated to customers’ negative experiences on Emirates flights, such as and Facebook pages such as ‘We hate Emirates airlines’ and ‘Emirates Airline Complaints’.

And here are just a few comments about Emirates from, a site where customers review their flying experiences:

“Emirates service was not up to standard. The cabin crew was like [they were] newly trained and not professional,” said Mohammad Arshad, on 17 October, 2015.

Meanwhile, Peter Scott shared: “Emirates used to be a 10/10 airline but as they secure more routes, the service is getting worse. For the latest flight from Manila to Dubai they forgot that there is heavy traffic on a Friday night and the crew arrived over two hours late – if all the passengers can get to the Airport on time, then why can’t the crew? There is no doubt that Emirates is undergoing a decline in service,” on 16 October, 2015.

And another passenger, Zsuzsa Fodor, commented on 11 October, 2015, that “even when the crew eventually started serving the food and drink, it was very slow and unprofessional. I will not recommend Emirates.”

Courtesy: Kippreport

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