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Embassy announces revised minimum wage-structure for hiring Indian Workers
January 8, 2019, 3:25 pm

In a press release dated 7 January, the Indian embassy in Kuwait published a revised minimum-wage for the hiring of Indian workers as domestic workers or in the private sector.

The minimum wages for Indian workers in Kuwait was last revised in January 2016. The embassy notification pointed out that in view of rise in cost of living in Kuwait since the last revision, and taking into consideration prevailing market wage rates for both domestic and private sector workers, it was decided to revise the minimum structure for various job categories of Indian workers in Kuwait with immediate effect.

The notification added that there would be no change with regard to other items and conditions on hiring of Indian workers, such as free food, free accommodation, free transport, free medical insurance, free air tickets and other benefits.

The revised minimum wage rate for different category of workers are as follows with the highest and lowest pay for jobs in each group. For domestic workers and unskilled laborers the minimum wage is KD100; for semi-skilled workers it ranges from KD100 to KD125; for skilled workers in the technical, mechanical and construction field from KD110 to KD220; for skilled workers in the general category from KD115 to KD200; for hotel or catering staff from KD115 to KD175; for office staff from KD115 to KD200; for medical staff from KD100 to KD350;and for professionals from KD200 to KD450. 

The revised minimum wage structure is available in full at The Times Kuwait web page at:


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