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Embark on an Asian culinary voyage with DEAN & DELUCA’s new Taste of Asia menu
August 30, 2016, 12:29 pm

DEAN & DELUCA, Kuwait’s destination gourmet café and grocery store, has launched ‘Taste of Asia’ – an exclusive all-day menu inspired by the fusion of refreshing Asian flavors, derived from signature Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Korean dishes.

Customers will be able to treat their taste buds to exotic Asian flavors from 31 August till 29 October, enjoying carefully curated delicacies created using authentic spices and blends sourced from all over the Far East. 

The highlights of the all-round Asian dining experience feature aromatic soups and starters such as the Malaysian Vegetable Laksa – a traditional Malay-styled creamy noodle soup with spicy undertones, slow-cooked with snow peas, asparagus and wood ear mushroom – for the more adventurous Asian cuisine enthusiast. The Thai grilled Chicken Satay served with peanut sauce, on the other hand, is a seamless option for those who favor more subtle Asian flavors. As for customers wishing to embark on an Asian crustacean galore, the Grilled Shrimps, marinated and served on a bed of spicy and creamy Japanese mayonnaise, will certainly dazzle them.

The main courses are a feast to the senses with dishes such as the Five Spice Hoisin Ribeye Steak, marinated in a Chinese style BBQ of five spices, hoisin, and miso, and accompanied with a Thai red curry-flavored mashed potato.

The Asian Style Salmon Laksa is a journey into South-East Asian flavors featuring a sambal oelek coated baked salmon that comes with spicy and creamy Malay style Laksa with asparagus and assorted mushrooms, topped with crushed cashew nuts.

Another must-try is the Lamb Massaman Curry with Potatoes, which consists of a lamb shoulder braised in a traditional Thai curry and slow-cooked in tamarind, cardamom, cinnamon and coconut milk.

For those who enjoy richly spiced Indian cuisine, the Malabar Chicken Curry is a treat of its own. This spicy coastal chicken curry, flavored with coconut milk, traditional coastal spices and fresh herbs, is served with the perfect accompaniment of coconut and pandan rice. 

An Asian culinary voyage is incomplete without the classic Japanese sushi which is also featured on the menu. The selection includes lava maki stuffed with Tempura shrimps and topped with spicy crab, salmon and tuna Sashimi pieces, and the traditional salmon, tuna and avocado Nigiri combination.

For over 40 years, DEAN & DELUCA has made it its mission to provide the world’s best epicurean treats for cooking, eating and entertaining. Committed to a quest for excellence, the chefs continue to innovate and discover a sumptuous celebration of food with the introduction of fresh, uplifting menus aimed to inspire and delight foodies everywhere. Head to DEAN & DELUCA at The Avenues and embark on an Asian culinary voyage!

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