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Election silence to take effect in Kuwait as of tomorrow
November 24, 2016, 3:37 pm

A day ahead of the National Assembly (parliament) elections, for the 15th Legislative Term, due on Saturday, November 26, election silence takes effect in Kuwait as of tomorrow, Friday.

The law provides that the media, even electronic media, is not allowed to practice any activities regarding the candidates' electoral campaigns.

Nominees themselves will have to bring their campaigning to a complete halt. Pre-election silence aims to give voters a chance to carefully consider their choice for the election day.

The media can only offer messages to educate the voters on elections, or urge them to positively take part in the vote.

According to the Ministry of Information's relevant decree, broadcasting, re-broadcasting or publishing any interviews, programs or reports with candidates for the National Assembly elections or the Municipal Council, is prohibited on the polling day, and the day before it.

The National Assembly was dissolved by an Amiri Decree on October 16.

Source: KUNA 

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