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Egyptian man, Ethiopian woman flee deportation camp, loopholes to be plugged
October 25, 2017, 8:59 am

 In the aftermath of events that made it possible for an Egyptian man and an Ethiopian woman to escape from a bus transporting deportees to the airport, Assistant Undersecretary for Correctional Institutions Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna did not take it lightly with the officers and personnel whose lackluster attitude led to the security lapse, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily quoting a security source noted the officers and other personnel involved in the issue have been subjected to series of disciplinary measures ranging from detention and salary deduction. He noted “this is not the first time inmates have escaped from the deportation camp, thus loopholes that could be explored by inmates will be rectified as per instructions from Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna.”

Fire doused: Firemen, under the supervision of Major Ahmad Al-Ali and Captain Fahad Al-Huwailah, were able to douse a fire that engulfed a building in Fahaheel without human injuries, reports Al-Shahed daily. A fire source said officers from Fahaheel and Mangaf stations responded to a distress call about the incident, and they managed to control the blaze upon arriving at the scene without it spreading to neighboring buildings.


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