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Egyptian, Italian, British naval units exercise in Mediterranean
December 8, 2018, 8:28 am
Egyptian, Italian and British navies carry out military drill in the Mediterranean.

Units of the Egyptian, Italian and British navies have carried out a military drill in the Mediterranean as part of the armed forces' strategy to broaden cooperation with sisterly and friendly nations at the military level. Military spokesman Colonel Tamera El­Refai said in a statement, on Friday, the joint exercise included various activities such signs' communication and under­surface contacts.

The engaged personnel trained on helicopters' landing and take­off from ships, inspecting and storming suspicious boats, supplying ships with fuel at sea and protecting naval units while crossing dangerous zones.

The mock battle showed the high level of capacity enjoyed by the participating forces. The spokesman said the training depicted Egypt's deep military cooperation with Italy and Britain in confronting possible threats and offensives in the Mediterranean.

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