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Edo Club
December 4, 2016, 9:43 am

A Japanese oasis set at the Sahara Gold Club in Kuwait, EDO Club, the new outlet of Edo Restaurant owned by Yohji Trading Co., offers patrons the elite sophistication of modern Japanese dining. EDO Club has also introduced Korean specialties to its list of authentic fare. The presence and skills of Japanese Head Chef Kohji Kubota, ensures that patrons enjoy their dining experience and the extensive menu on offer. Whether you let the Chef compose your menu (Omakase), or if you chose à la Carte dishes, every visit to EDO Club can be a different joy for the palate.

Popular dish: Shrimp and mushroom tempura

Location: Sahara Gold Club, on the 6th Ring Road, near Hunting and Equestrian Club. Call 22203464, 66007341, or 97590018.

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