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Eco Club inaugurated at Bhavans
June 7, 2015, 12:56 pm

The Eco Club at Bhavans, CBSE- I wing  was inaugurated on the 3 June, 2015. It  marked another day of our nature's birth in the young minds of the future generation.

Prior to the inauguration, the Eco Club celebrated the World Environment Day which is observed annually on 5 June by the United Nations to stimulate worldwide awareness of environmental issues. Masters Jasim and Mark Varghese were the enthusiastic student anchors of the day.  

Students of grade 2 enacted a wonderful skit and displayed their creative abilities and talents to impart the message that the future lies in the present generation and the responsibility rests in their hands to resume Mother Earth into a Greener one .

It was followed by an excellent action song presented by the budding artists of grade 2 to highlight the beauty of Mother Eart.They stressed that Planet Earth  was  a great place to be in and the song triggered off the audience who joined in and sang away to glory. It was a visual entertainment to the audience.

The Chief Guest of the Day was the vibrant Vice-Principal of the primary wing Lalitha Premkumar. After an inspiring speech she appreciated the diligent students for their wonderful dancing, excellent compering and for their well-organized performance. She honoured the Eco Club dignitaries on the dais, Student President Sambhav Nath and Student Secretary Burhanuddin of grade 6  with their respective badges.

The student president of the club addressed the gathering by planting  a seed of awareness of our Mother Earth in every individual's heart . He then explained the objectives and activities of the club.

The dynamic Vice Principal of the CBSE-I Wing in his speech motivated the students to nurture their surroundings with utmost care. He insisted that their responsibility does not stop after planting a sapling but also should have a regular check on how the plant grows.

At last the screen of the show was brought down with the delivery of vote of thanks by the Student secretary of the Eco club who thanked one and all in a special way. All of them carried home strong messages of the day.

A competition on ‘Best Out Of Waste’ was organised by  the Eco Club for the students on 5 June,2015 . More than 100 students participated and made innovative products such as vases ,frames art pieces etc.out of waste materials like straw,used CDs, ice cream sticks, old newspapers etc. which were  displayed in the classrooms.

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