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Echo Dot — Amazon’s echo to its Echo
April 24, 2016, 4:49 pm

Echo, Amazon’s original wireless speaker, has over time grown to become one of the best ways to control smart home devices, such as lights, thermostats, locks, and more with just your voice, making it one of Amazon’s best-selling products to date. In addition to its capacity to listen to voice commands and perform activities such as setting alarms, grabbing the latest news and, of course, buy things for us from Amazon, the Echo’s wireless speaker capabilities have also expanded to include Pandora and Spotify.

Building on this success, Amazon has now introduced a smaller version of Echo and called it the Echo Dot. At less than half the price of Echo, the $90 Echo Dot has all the amazing features of its bigger sibling while occupying a smaller space.

The Dot is easy to put in every room in your house; giving you voice control access points all over for a relatively low cost. About the size of a tuna can, the Dot has the same circular volume ring, mute button and Action button as the Echo, as well as the blue status light that illuminates whenever it detects its wake-up voice command. It also has the same seven omnidirectional microphones and the super-responsive, far-field voice recognition as the larger-sized Echo.

Though the Dot only has a small built-in speaker, it comes with a3.5mm audio output jack to connect to larger speaker; or you can even pair it with a Bluetooth speaker for a wireless connection. When it was first shipped, the original Echo could perform about a dozen tasks, it can now do over 300; the Dot can achieve the same tasks but at a much lower cost and with a smaller footprint.

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