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Eat healthy, delicious Peruvian food at the 7th Mistura Food Fair
July 21, 2014, 10:33 am

The largest and most popular food fair in Latin America is once again being held in Lima, Peru, this time in the area of the city known as the Costa Verde in the district of Magdalena del Mar. The emphasis of this year’s fair is on encouraging the thousands of attendees to eat healthy, delicious, and nutritious food, at least that is what the Peruvian Gastronomy Society (APEGA) is wagering on for the 7th Mistura, which will be held from September 5 - 14, under the motto of Eat Peruvian Food and as a tribute to small farmers and the country’s incredible biodiversity.

Restaurants, pushcarts, and the Gran Mercado (Big Market) and Auditorium events… this year’s Mistura will pulsate to the rhythm of APEGA’s commitment to Peru’s development, which will form the foundation of the fair’s maxim: “Eat delicious food. Eat nutritious food. Eat Peruvian food”, an appeal to the advantages of a healthy diet for the well-being of generations to come.

Consequently, Mistura will become the standard-bearer of a campaign that follows in the footsteps of other international initiatives, like the Mediterranean Diet and Slow Food Movement, whose founder Carlo Petrini will be taking part in certain activities throughout the fair’s 10-day run.

Following the tradition of its six predecessors, this Mistura will also boast the Gran Mercado, the heart of the fair, through and out of which flows all the influences and flavors of different cultures. Here, small farmers from various regions of Peru showcase their produce, the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) exhibits the country’s representative products, and visitors can sample delectable Peruvian dishes. This year’s organizers have also set up a replica of an ancient terraced hillside, with assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MINAGRI).

The Worlds inside Mistura

In the same way as year’s past, foods will be grouped into distinct worlds (Creole, Barbecue, Ceviche, Andean and Amazonian, Southern, Northern, Pushcart, Sandwich, Chifa and Nikkei, Desserts, and Bar Food).

As always, the organizers have stressed the World of Bread, where representative breads from around the country… the wawas and chaplas and many other traditional Peruvian types … will be baked fresh, their aroma a siren’s song that will once again turn that pavilion into one of the most visited places in the fair.

Another star attraction given a prime location in this Mistura is pisco, and guests can learn about the making of this spirit from the different pisco producers from around Peru.

Adults can bring their children to a new area set aside for fun and learning, and other attractions include the bazaar, cooking contests for discovering talented chefs, and the beer tent where microbreweries exhibit their products. Furthermore, the APEGA Auditorium offers a program of interesting lectures and forums each year, and this one is no exception. Last but not least, Mistura will, for the second year in a row, present the International Culinary Summit for informing visitors of the latest trends in international and Peruvian food. Everything works together to make a complete Mistura experience.

The Steering Committee in charge of organizing the food fair is working hard to improve what the thousands of people expected to show up will experience, namely more and better services within the Mistura grounds, improved access - especially for visitors with disabilities - more taxis and parking facilities, Metropolitan bus service to and from the fair, counselors for a sustainable Mistura, where more waste is recycled, and a team of supervisors for Good Food Handling Practice…

Thus far, we can definitely claim that it will be the food fair for all of Latin America. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for more press releases where we will describe all the progress made by the organization.


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