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Easy ways to fix dry hair
January 8, 2017, 2:42 pm

Dry hair is a fickle, fickle thing. Add more conditioner to your shower routine, and you are stuck with a greasy, lank mess. Avoid heat tools for a week and you look like you have avoided heat tools for a week. But instead of fighting with your dry hair until summer, you can fix it right now with a few simple product swaps and routine changes.

Whether you have curly, wavy, or straightish hair, you can still beat dryness this winter with practically zero effort on your part. And to make the process even easier, here are the top ways to hydrate your hair tonight.

To prevent dry hair, ditch your shampoo: Most shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), a harsh detergent that strips away your hair and skin’s natural oils, leaving your hair dry, fluffy, and frizzy. Now, you are supposed to wash your hair, but at least switch to a cleansing conditioner, which combines the oil-busting properties of a shampoo and the hydrating properties of a regular conditioner to make a cleanser hybrid that is both gentle and moisturizing.

To treat dry hair, stop using hair masks in the shower: Sounds weird, since you have probably always applied your deep conditioners and hair masks to wet hair while in the shower, but hair strands actually swell when they are wet, making it difficult for the conditioner to effectively penetrate your hair. Instead, 30 minutes before you hop in the shower, comb a hair mask through dry hair, section by section, then clip it up into a topknot until you shower. Repeat the mask once or twice a week.

To maintain hydrated hair, swap out your dry shampoo. Don’t be forced to deal with oily hair since your dry shampoo was taken away for the winter; you can just fall in love with a new product: dry conditioner. Just as the name suggests, dry conditioners moisturize your hair without requiring you to take a shower. They are similar in texture to your dry shampoo, but their formulas contain micro conditioners, like fruit and nut oils, which add moisture back into second- and third-day hair. So next time your hair is feeling dry and fuzzy, soften it back up with a dry conditioner spray.

Another answer for when you are steering clear of oils because you fear your hair will look dirty and greasy, is hydrating oils. Most products are incredibly light and are perfect for giving life to limp, damaged ends. And all you need are a few drops.




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