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Easy styling tricks for thicker hair
May 27, 2015, 1:02 pm

Many women love the fullness of model hair, but for some, thick hair is something you are born with. While some reach for supplements to boost the thickness of their tresses, it doesn’t have to be all that serious of a process. You might not be able to alter the thickness level of your hair, but there are styling tricks and cuts that can help you appear to have thick hair. Here are a few tricks below.

Thickening sprays: Thickening sprays help increase volume of hair, making it appear like you have more on your head. Thin hair often falls flat to the head, so these products, which are usually sprays that you apply to damp hair before blow-drying, give the illusion that your hair has expanded.

Lift at the roots: Hair falling flat affects the entire look, but it is most noticeable at the roots. A solution is to get a volumizing spray in your collection. Spritz a small amount about three inches away from your roots and blow-dry those sections, lifting the hair off the scalp while blow-drying. Look for a product that combines a light hold with a thermal protection quality. You can also buy specific products that just cater to increasing height and volume at the roots.

Teasing: There is a fine line between teasing and excess teasing. When done correctly on thin hair, it mimics a full, voluminous look. Stick to the hair around the crown of your head, about one inch down from the roots. After blow-drying, tease two to three inches of the strands you pick up. Using a comb is your best bet. This will give you the temporary appearance of full hair, but remember to be gentle when taking it out. Don’t plow a brush through the teasing. You will risk damaging your hair with breakage, thus producing an even thinner head of hair you had to begin with.

The hair flip: Throughout the day, that is the area that is going to look particularly flat, especially if you are not regularly blow-drying to lift your roots. A quick fix is to flip your hair— run your hands through a top section of hair and flip it so it is laying on the other side. It is a trending look, and it solves the problem in less than a minute.

Blunt ends: While you totally can play with layers, asking for a cut with blunt ends with make your hair look fuller, especially if you are getting a lob-length or shorter.

Don’t curl your ends:  Curls may help bring your hair some body, but remember to undo the ringlets. A few tightly-wound tendrils will give your hair the opposite effect you are going for. Keep your ends out of the curling iron to further create fullness. After you have curled all the hair around your head, undo the ringlets gently with your fingers. Flip your head over, flip back, and spritz on a setting spray.


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