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Easy natural makeup looks
May 25, 2014, 11:36 am

For the spring season, makeup is vibrant and beautiful, and with a few good tips, you can look fabulous when you go out.

The orange lip: If the orange lip much too bold for you, you can ease into it but going light with the application, start with a sheer orange gloss and ease into a lipstick, applying the lipstick as a tint first. Then, build daily until you achieve a gorgeous bright mouth. Another way is to train your eye to become accustomed to a bright lip. Start by wearing it around the house when you have nowhere to go. Then you’ll catch glimpses of yourself throughout the day and get used to it faster.

Bronze eyeshadow: The tawny shades always return in the summer, and this season, bronze swept across the eyelids as one of the easiest, wearable looks for spring. This colour is suitable for every eye shape, colour and skin tone. A simple sweep across the lid can get you out the door, and because of the multidimensional quality to this metallic, it’s effortless to apply. Apply some kajal liner into your waterline for an instant smokey look.

Flawless skin: First off, perfect-looking skin starts before you even pick up any of your makeup. A diligent facial routine that includes exfoliating, moisturizing well and cleansing twice daily and wearing sunscreen regularly provides the basis for a clear, glowing complexion. And once you get your skin to that stage, then your actual makeup simply plays a supporting role in making your skin look its best. A BB or CC cream for light to medium coverage that’ll also tackle skin issues and provide benefits is the best. If you need a little more help, then apply concealer only where you need it. If you prefer a more matte look, buff a mineral powder well into the skin with a kabuki brush.

Bright eyes: For spring, a bright eye is beyond trendy. Women with darker skin tones can pull off bright shades and brunettes look fabulous in citron shades. And, as you may have guessed, with such a pop of colour on the eyes, it’s best to downplay the lips by keeping them soft and natural in tone.

Graphic eyeliner: This season is all about fresh new ways of sporting your basic liner. Eyeliner can do so much more, we’re talking thick lines, square and angular shapes, and playful liners on the lower lash. Everyone can have a little graphic fun for a night out. Start with a beige pencil inside the eye, then using an eyeliner brush apply black cream liner under the lashes and out towards the temple. Keep a space between the upper and lower lines. The upper line follows the same path. Use a Q-tip to clean the space between the liners.

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