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Easy hairstyles for the festive look
December 20, 2015, 10:47 am

Most of us dread the idea of creating a new hairstyle for a special occasion. It usually involves too much money, time and effort to get a rocking hairdo. So, usually we just bring out our flat irons and curling tongs and either leave our hair open or pin it up as a ponytail. This festive season try these simple, easy to do hairstyles, and get yourself a new look.

Triple Twisted Ponytail: A low ponytail is a great option when you are going for work or school, but when it comes to festive time, you do not want that simple look. So why not spice up and try this easy hairstyle. Divide your hair into three sections, twist the middle section to the nape of your neck and pin. Repeat with the left section. Now twist the right section and wrap it over the other two sections and pin.

Half-Up Knot: This pretty half-up hairstyle is perfect for just about any hair length. Simply take two pieces of hair from either side of your head and tie them into a double knot behind your head. Pin into place and you are done!

Multi-Elastic Ponytail: Try tossing your hair up in a high pony and add a few clear elastics for extra texture. The results are simple yet interesting, and you can even tie a ribbon at the end to give a more celebratory look. 

Dutch Braid Bun: If you are up for experimenting with braids, this bohemian look is a gorgeous option. Start by creating a Dutch braid, beginning at your part and going along your hairline to your ear. Create a second braid at the nape of your neck. Pull the first braid into the rest of your hair and back into a messy bun. Wrap the second braid around the bun and pin.

Ballerina Bun: You cannot go wrong with a polished bun for Christmas morning. Start with your hair in a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections and create a twist. Then wrap it around into a bun and pin.  

Double Knotted Ponytail: Another great alternative to the ponytail is this double knotted look. It is literally just a double knot using your own hair! The key is to use texturing spray and a couple bobby pins so the style holds.



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