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Easy beach-wave hacks
November 26, 2017, 4:22 pm

Beach waves are the now-classic style featuring textured waves, meant to look like you just got back from a day of surfing. Women love this style because it is so versatile, and can be worn on the red carpet or with a t-shirt and jeans. Beach waves also enhance a women's natural beauty by adding volume and movement to the hair. Here are some hair hacks to easily get flawless waves every time.

The flat iron wave: This super quick style involves grabbing small sections of hair and alternating directions as you slide the iron down your strands.  

Second-day waves: Achieve perfect waves in your sleep — literally. Simply create a series of fishtail braids before bedtime and voila.

Brushed-out waves: For short-haired chicks, use some retro pin curls to start off your look, then brush them out for an ultra-modern loose wave.

Beachy waves with a flat iron: For this look, you will need to create curls with a flat iron. Alternate the direction of your tool until you have a full head of waves, then tousle to your heart’s content.

Wavy hair with minimal effort: A three-bun hack is the perfect way to get killer waves with minimal effort. Just don’t forget the salt spray.

Flat-ironed waves:  Hack this shortcut to braided waves by applying a healthy dose of heat. Be sure to size your braids according to the length and thickness of your mane.

Ponytail curl hair hack: Give your hair some extra bounce with this ridiculously easy loose curl hack. Simply put your hair in a high pony and curl your heart out. Be generous with your volumizing spray for this one.

Pineappling: This overnight hack is perfect for creating sweet and simple tousled locks — and it’s an excuse to bust out our favorite ’90s trend: the scrunchie. Toss up your hair like you just don’t care and protect your waves while you slumber.

Heatless headband waves: Your headband’s no one-trick pony. Get experimental with your wavy hair routine and try a twisted bedtime chignon for your next loose ‘n’ wavy ‘do. 

Blow dry wavy hair: As many of you wavy-haired gals know, natural texture is not the easiest to maintain. So when it comes to rockin’ your born-with-them waves (minus the frizz), start using a diffuser while you dry as your new go-to move. 


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