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ESF rocks audience with Grease
May 1, 2016, 12:16 pm

The English School Fahaheel (ESF) recently held a spectacular musical titled ‘Grease’, which was staged on two nights at the school’s Lloyd Webber Theatre.

The songs were beautifully rendered by the entire cast, some of who are drama and music IGCSE and A/S Level candidates. The music of ‘Grease’ was played by the talented band on drums, bass guitar and piano.

The cast was headed by Sara Shuaiber who played the role of Sandy and Jared Munar who played Danny.  Reem Zeidan played Rizzo, Hiba Jamal played Marty, Sara Nouri was Jan and the Beauty school dropout Frenchie was played by Farah Ghoubar. Mahmoud who played Kenickie, received tremendous claps and cheers by the audience for his song, ‘Greased Lightning’.

As the curtains opened and the drama of Grease unfolded, the audience was taken back in the time to the rocking 50’s. The props even included a replica of the Grease Lightning car!

The persons behind the success of the event, Director Mullay, Music Director Van Zittrers and the choreographer Ms Kippie were thanked at the end of the program.

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