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ENEOS Oil launches in Kuwait
March 30, 2016, 3:59 pm

Federal General Trading & Contracting Co., a subsidiary of KAICO Kuwait Automotive Imports Co. WLL (Alshaya & AlSagar), a leading Auto Parts & Auto lubricants distributor in Kuwait, proudly launched JX Nippon Oil and Energy, a diverse range of automotive lubricants from ENEOS in an official launch ceremony on 1 March at KAICO head office in Al Rai area with the presence of many guests. 

Ashish Tandon, Kaico General Manager, opened the ceremony by welcoming the guests and commented, “We are extremely excited and proud of this partnership with JX Nippon Oil and Energy and we look forward to a great successful cooperation”.

JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation is Japan's largest manufacturer and distributor of petroleum products, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, jet fuel, heavy fuel oil, lubricants, and asphalt. It owns seven crude oil refineries in Japan that have a total daily capacity of about 1.22 million barrels.

JX operates a network of nearly 11,700 service stations throughout the country, approximately 2,750 of which are company-owned; all of the Gas Stations operate under the ENEOS brand.

It is a fully integrated petroleum products company that offers petroleum products and services throughout the world. It produces technologically advanced motor oils and transmission fluids that reduce carbon emissions, improve fuel economy and reduce wear on critical components. 

Satpal Singh, FTC Executive Manager, stated that with Kuwait’s climatic conditions, it is the right choice to use ENEOS Oil thanks to its composition with 70 percent lower sulfur content.

This new product greatly improves engine cleanliness compared with conventional oil by using ENEOS's exclusive patent-protected to prevent deterioration due to sulfur-containing additives. These products use advanced additive and base oil technology, the result of joint engineering and research with all of the Japanese automotive manufactures

ENEOS lubricants offer cutting edge technology with multiple benefits; it keeps the engine interior clean, prevents deterioration of additive due to sulfur and significantly improves engine cleaning performance compared with conventional oils.

It also significantly improves fuel efficiency; performance for all driving conditions from a short distance to long rides. It further reduces friction loss inside the engine due to endurance of the friction regulator and acts as a cleaning agent, allowing for longer lasting performance.

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