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EMS is Kuwait’s latest fitness trend
March 5, 2017, 2:23 pm

The Electronic Muscular Stimulation (EMS) state of the art fitness equipment from Germany was introduced by Fit In Time Group in Kuwait on April 2016.

EMS, available in all GCC countries, is equipment that assists in contracting muscles so that impulses can reach deep into the fibers of the body. The equipment that comes with a personal trainer promises an effectiveness that is 18 times higher than a normal workout.

EMS works by activating the muscle; the brain senses electrical impulses through the nervous system. The EMS device copies the body’s signal system. Impulses via EMS are now transmitted to the muscles to enhance the muscular contraction. The EMS device can address and stimulate all muscle groups individually and separately. The trainer adjusts the impulse control to suit your body’s fitness level and supports your training goals ultimately.

Due to the frequency of EMS device, not only are the muscles activated but also the deeper muscle fibers are recruited which cannot be engaged by a simple workout. Compared to conventional workout which recruits about 50 percent of the muscles, we achieve with EMS more than 90 percent of all the muscle with minimum time. EMS works with weight loss, body toning, endurance metabolic acceleration, improved health for back and joints.

The EMS machine is your anti-workout supervised personal trainer. To use the machine, a special hygienic and disposable underwear is provided for the user. Next, the Personal Fit In Time EMS special suit is worn which is equipped with contact pads to ensure optimal direct contact to the muscle group. The suit is now hooked and connected to the EMS device.

Operations Manager Jhalma Espiritu explained that the full course will take one and half month on twice per week with total of twelve sessions. Course restricts pregnant women and patients with heart conditions or with pace maker, but generally age is not a problem. Espiritu added that all trainers have been certified and trained fully to use the equipment and that trainers need to be fitness trainers for easy assimilation of knowledge and implementation of the product.

“Kuwait has a large body building based fitness industry, and often through extensive workouts, people suffer from injuries both of the muscles and bones. But with EMS, it develops, enhances and strengthens not only the back but the quick development of muscles by extending fully the muscles to maximum positions to create better results,” added Mr. Espiritu.

Its home base services allows business people with busy schedules to avail of the services at home or for mothers, who are homemakers, can too utilize the program by purchasing the services for the privacy of their homes with a  personal trainer for a 20-minute program. EMS with personal trainers is currently offered in Platinum Gym, Gold’s Gym, Al Hamra Gym, My Lady, and Challenge Gym in Mahboula.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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