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ECCO releases inspirational Autumn/Winter 2016 collection
November 23, 2016, 5:26 pm

ECCO welcomes Autumn/Winter 2016 with a collection rooted in ECCO’s Scandinavian design heritage and shaped by eye-catching details and rich materials. This season, the collection takes two main directions: one embracing the simple Scandinavian lifestyle and focusing on the natural world, with an androgynous expression; the other inspired by folklore, with an eclectic and energetic look and feel.

For Autumn/Winter 2016, ECCO – one of the world’s leading shoe and leather goods brands – introduces a line-up of footwear, bags and leather goods that brings together new technologies and diverse materials in a soft, faded colour palette.

As summer breezes turn into autumn winds, prepare to rock the new season in oversized jackets, retro-inspired suits, and a wardrobe infused with casual style and cool colour.

Get ready for new sneaker and shoe concepts as Autumn/Winter 2016 shoes are defined by metallic effects, rich rugged leather details, and both round and pointed toes.

Sneaker and bag designs are elegant and varied, always with an emphasis on enhancing the active lifestyle without compromising on comfort and functionality.

As one of the world’s largest shoemakers, ECCO has made it its mission to deliver the optimal footwear experience by pairing comfort and style – the two cornerstones of the company’s design philosophy. To create supremely comfortable footwear, ECCO developed Direct Injection Technology®, a unique process that injects PU directly into the soles, allowing ECCO to produce high-comfort soles for both its casual and dressy collections. ECCO is also known for its passion for and deep understanding of leather. To ensure that its products are crafted exclusively with the highest-quality materials, ECCO established its own tanneries.

Eclectic Folk

ECCO’s new Autumn/Winter 2016 collection of shoe, bags and leather goods is a casual flirtation with the 70s. Splashes of warm, botanical colours are mixed with darker, classic hues to give the line an eclectic feel, while ECCO designer’s experimentation with different patterns and stitching lends a casual and playful edge.

The collection celebrates the creative spirit and uses folklore-inspired elements, including suede and wool lining, to welcome the colder days of 2016.

Wool-lined suede moccasins in warm tones extend the hot moccasin look from Indian summer days well into autumn, while folk-inspired sneaker patterns add a unique element to sporty, everyday style. Pair either shoe with slacks and a classic polo or dress them up with a colourful midi-dress and bomber jacket.

For a more pared down look, add a single eclectic element like patterned sneakers or high-tops to an otherwise minimalist silhouette. From bags to small leather goods, accessories pair minimalistic design with simple, coarse leather details, rugged and heavy materials like rich, thick leather and casual canvas, and ample buckles and zippers. Throw your essentials into a roomy satchel as you throw on a poncho-inspired jacket in colourful patterns for bohemian flair, or go classic with a bomber jacket and roomy backpack.

Modern Movements

From working to working out, from catching up on errands to catching up with friends and family over wine-soaked dinners – we are in constant movement.

The goal this season: to make the transitions as smooth as possible while effortlessly looking the part. For Autumn/Winter 2016, ECCO introduces a collection driven by natural, androgynous beauty. The vibe merges the Scandinavian design tradition with street inspiration,

throwing nostalgic 80s retro looks and 90s hip-hop style into the mix.

The collection bids a warm welcome to masculine silhouettes, pointed toes, and rich leather uppers with crocodile embossing and leather welts that lend the styles an exclusive feel. Sneakers remain fashion darlings, and ECCO adds quilted and crushed metallic details to a new sporty style to enliven nearly any autumn look.

Style the sneaker with the little black dress to dress down for the everyday, or show off your business savvy in pointed leather shoes paired with a modern sweater and skirt set.

Sleek crossbody bags and business-inspired handbags are ready to take care of essentials on busy days, and perfectly complement practical parkas and supersized outerwear to boot. Rich leather details nod to nature and keep the look high-end. The details are kept nuanced in a faded colour scale with a soft expression.

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