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Dust prevails in Kuwait but with cold winds, operations suspended at Shuwaikh Port
October 31, 2017, 11:36 am

A dust wave has gripped Kuwait since today's early hours causing visibility to drop drastically. Along with the storm, relatively cold winds are blowing with the visibility level standing at 800 meters in some uninhabited regions. 

Navigation has been suspended temporarily at Shuwaikh Port due to the bad weather and strong winds and dust, Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) said on Tuesday. Director of Operations Captain Bader Al-Enezi told KUNA navigation was halted to maintain safety of merchant ships due to current unstability of weather and visbility decreasing to less than 500m due to suspended dust.

At the moment, two vessels are waiting to enter the port, Captain Al-Enezi said noting that the observation tower at the port is monitoring the weather round the clock. He expressed hope to resume operations when the weather improves later in the day.

Navigation via Kuwait International Airport is proceeding regularly despite the current dusty weather, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced early on Tuesday. The DGCA said in a statement to KUNA that present visibility is in the range of 800 meters.

Flights to and from the airport have not been affected with the current weather conditions, the department said. Aircraft are allowed, by regulations, to land or take off at a visibility level ranging between 300 to 500 meters. Kuwait is currently affected with low horizontal visibility, due to hanging dust, reaching 1,000 meters in some regions. 


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