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Dukkan Burger
July 17, 2016, 10:35 am

This Arab fusion restaurant serves modern delicacies infused with local spices. Their classic dishes use local flavors for a unique twist, and borrow elements from recipes across the globe. Some of the dishes offered here are shawarma-spiced burger with maabooch aioli, handcrafted sodas, date tiramisu and saffron pancakes. With open diwaniyah-style seating, brightly colored walls, wooden barrels, and traditional Arab trinkets, the atmosphere sustains the notion of celebrating cultural heritage.

Popular dish: South West chicken burger, soft roll with buttermilk fried chicken, American cheddar, cattleman's sauce, pickle, shredded iceberg lettuce and onion rings.

Location: Bneid Al Gar, next to Le Royal Hotel. Call, 1800011

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