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Dubai billionaire to hire 3,000 Indians unemployed in Saudi Arabia
August 3, 2016, 11:47 am

A Dubai billionaire has pledged to hire thousands Indians left unemployed in Saudi Arabia. Ravi Pillai, chairman and managing director of RP Group of Companies, said he will employ 3,000 of his countrymen.

It follows an appeal by Indian minister Sushma Swaraj to Saudi Arabia’s three million Indian nationals to assist unemployed compatriots with food supplies.
“As a mark of our support to the Indian workers who have lost their jobs, RP Group of Companies will recruit 3,000 workers who are skilled in mechanical trade,” Pillai told Emirates 24/7.

"Workers with experience in various aspects of mechanical trade can contact the office of RP Group of Companies at the earliest. “We will also continue to explore opportunities to accommodate more of the unemployed workers in our companies.”

The RP Group employs 85,000 workers. VK Singh, India’s Deputy Minister of External Affairs, is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia in a bid to resolve the issue.

Source: Arabian Business

Source: Arabian Busines

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