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Dubai Police refuse bail for man who filmed Emirati attack
July 18, 2013, 10:48 am

The man who filmed an Emirati attacking an Indian in Dubai last week is still being held in custody, after being refused bail by Dubai Police.

The 22-year-old Indian is being held at Al Qusais police station, after the son of the Emirati filmed in the attack filed a complaint for defamation.

The video of the attack – seen by hundreds of thousands of people globally – was uploaded on Youtube. It shows a senior Emirati government official brutally attacking an Indian driver after an apparent accident in Dubai. The Emirati has also since been arrested.

According to Gulf News, the video uploader is an Indian business management graduate, who was arrested on Tuesday evening.  His arrest follows a complaint to police by the son of the Emirati official filmed in the attack, claiming  his father had been defamed after the video was posted on Youtube.

Under UAE law, the Emirati who assaulted the Indian van driver faces up to a year in jail or a maximum of fine of up to AED10,000 for minor assault, while the Indian motorist who filmed and uploaded the video faces a maximum of two years in jail or a fine of up to AED20,000 if convicted of filming without permission or defamation


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