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Drugs flood streets as many citizens, expats held in nationwide campaigns
February 22, 2018, 9:14 am

Farwaniya securitymen arrested three Kuwaitis for consuming drugs with drug paraphernalia in their possession. After receiving information about the citizens found sleeping in a vehicle, the Operations Unit in the Interior Ministry dispatched securitymen to the area. The officers woke the three citizens up and this led to the discovery that they were under the infl uence of drugs.

A burnt cigarette was found beside one of the citizens while he was sleeping. Also, the officers arrested a Kuwaiti in the area for involvement in a financial case with three grams of shabu in his possession.

He was referred to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD). On the other hand, Jahra securitymen arrested a Kuwaiti, in his 20s, for the possession of some chemical substances and drug paraphernalia. He was referred to the DCGD. A Bedoun and a Yemeni were arrested in Taima for the possession of 85 narcotic pills.

Drug pills with Iraqi: An Iraqi expatriate was arrested in Salwa area in possession of Tremadol pills. According to security sources, a Kuwaiti citizen reported to the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior about his suspicions of an individual whose car broke down in Salwa area.

He explained that he had asked the person for the reason why he was standing in the area and the latter said he usually distributes newspaper in the area but his car broke down. Based on suspicions that the man was lying, the citizen asked him for a paper but the suspect immediately ran away, leaving his vehicle behind.

This was the reason why the citizen decided to notify the Ministry of Interior. Securitymen rushed to the location and managed to find and seize the suspect with the help of the citizen. They discovered that he is an Iraqi national and had Tremadol pills in his possession.

He was arrested and referred with the pills to the Drugs Control General Department for necessary legal action. Meanwhile, Jahra securitymen arrested a Bedoun resident and a Syrian expatriate who were under drugs infl uence near one of the public markets.

Source: Arab Times

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