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Drugs, broken homes cause of increase in violent crime
November 27, 2017, 8:33 am

Kuwait ranks fourteenth in Middle East and the Arab World with an average crime rate that places her 81st globally in the crime index. Official statistics indicate Kuwait witnessed about 18,000 various types of crimes since the be- ginning of the year until October with an average of 60 crimes per day covering murder, attempted murder, and theft.

It added 6,000 cases were categorized under crime within the period and 12,000 were considered misdemeanor. On this basis, “Al-Seyassah” in- terviewed some Kuwaitis to examine causes and effects of the crime rate in the country.

A Kuwaiti respondent known as Bu Haider believes the crime rate is generally high in all Gulf countries, as well as the Arab World and entire region. He also said the rate of crimes is even higher in advanced countries but attributed the problem in Kuwait to the presence of expatriates.

He reasoned that an expatriate worker who loses his job after paying KD1500 to his sponsor without any hope of securing a job will most likely resort to steal- ing or killing to get money at the least opportunity.

Another citizen Abdullah Al-Onaizi said crimes are not synonymous with marginal workers alone especially as some citizens are also neck-deep into the act, citing the rampant crime rate among Kuwaiti families in the last few decades. In her contribution, Umm Hamoud blamed high financial pressures on cit- izens and expatriates for the increasing rate of crimes in general.

She noted the technological revolution contributes in no small measure to crimes in the conservative Kuwaiti society. Expressing his opinion, Lawyer Mubarak Al-Mutawa affirmed that lack of role model, abandonment of values and widespread corruption play a part in the growing rate of crime in the society.

He observed drastic in- crease in the level of violence among adolescents, which forms a strong pedestal for crimes among the youth.

He cited the premeditated murder of a young Arab doctor by a group of young Kuwaitis at the parking lot of a famous shopping mall, saying deterrent laws do not require any stiffer punishment but the problem is about the courts delaying justice delivery, which encourages the youth to commit more crimes.

Expert Sociologist Dr. Mohammad Al-Nasser noted crime was very rare in Kuwait in pre-oil boom era. He explained the crime rate ascended within the past decades due to excessive affluence. He observed that families no longer care about monitoring the children, which has contributed to the rate of crimes in society.

He also considered the increasing rate of divorce as a major factor for the crimes committed by children from broken homes.

Source: Arab Times

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